The 1980s called — the decade is ready to make a full-blown comeback, and it looks like Quiksilver and Netflix are on board. The brands have come together to announce a new collection — Quiksilver x Stranger Things — for the upcoming fourth season of “Stranger Things” to not only bring fans of both brands together but also introduce the brands to new audiences.

Set to premiere at the end of May, the new season will debut in two parts: Volume 1 is slated for May 27th, while Volume 2 will release on June 1st. Quiksilver will drop multiple capsule collections throughout the season. It is also set to be a wardrobe partner with the show, which will be new territory for the retail company. Quiksilver has not partnered with a brand the size of “Stranger Things,” which is the second-biggest show in Netflix history.

The show will feature classic styles from the Quiksilver archive, and the new collection hopes to revive some of the surf-inspired ‘80s era for the company. Since “Stranger Things” is set in that decade, the partnership seems like a natural fit, according to both brands.

“Working so closely with the ‘Stranger Things’ costume designer has been such a unique and special collaborative journey,” said Quiksilver product director Andrew Henry in a press release. “We’ve been able to revive classic styles from the 1986 and 1987 Quik archive to align with ‘Stranger Things’ 4, creating specific apparel for cast members and consumers alike.”

In celebration of the big apparel launch, Quiksilver has plans in place to hold customer-facing pop-up shops and other large-scale activations around the world. The collections will be available for purchase on For superfans of both the apparel brand and the show, you can sign up for the Quiksilver newsletter to receive exclusive information and early access alerts for the Quiksilver x Stranger Things releases.