In a move aimed at reducing waste and keeping garments and other goods out of landfills, Ebay announced a new initiative that will give slightly damaged clothing, footwear, and accessories new life. The program, called Imperfects, was fittingly launched on Earth Day (April 22).

Oftentimes in the fashion and decorated apparel space items that are printed incorrectly, damaged in some way, or are otherwise deemed unfit for sale are discarded. Imperfects will hopefully help prevent those discarded items from winding up in landfills through partnerships with over 100 companies.

The brand is working with big names such as The North Face and Fila to collect items deemed unsellable and market them at up to 60% off the retail price. According to a press release shared on Vogue Business, to qualify for the Imperfects initiative, items might include defects such as a small scuff or mark, a missing button or loose thread, or be ex-display products that no longer meet quality standards.

Those items that do qualify will then be listed with photos of their defects, and come with free shipping, 30-day returns, and a money-back guarantee. Ebay believes that applying this concept to fashion could help divert 13 million items from landfills each week.

“With growing financial pressures and the climate crisis continuing to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds, we’re proud to launch Imperfects as another avenue to help keep fashion items out of landfill,” said Jemma Tadd, head of fashion at Ebay U.K., in a statement.