Everywhere Apparel has launched a closed-loop blank apparel offering that is also made from 100% GRS-certified recycled cotton. The company states that through its apparel collection for the B2B market, and effectively open-sourcing its fiber technology and closed-loop system infrastructure, it will achieve a positive environmental impact and expand awareness of the importance of creating additional closed-loop supply chains.

An apparel and fashion closed-loop system is a design and production method that works to keep clothes in circulation for as long as possible. With recycled cotton, there is no water used in fiber production, bleaching, or dyeing; it diverts waste from landfills; there is a reduced carbon footprint; and there is no microplastics pollution.

Further extending its sustainability goals, Everywhere also equips each shirt with QR codes, enabling customers to receive a free mailer and send apparel back for recycling into new products, such as garments or even insulation, said Justin Vaezi, account manager for Everywhere, in an interview. He added that the company will even take shirts that aren’t originally manufactured by Everywhere.

“Everywhere Apparel exists to create maximum positive impact for the environment, which is why we chose to open source our closed-loop system free of charge and make the technology available to anyone interested,” said Irys Kornbluth, co-CEO at Everywhere Apparel, in a press release. “By launching with a focus on the blank apparel industry, we ensure this innovative approach to sustainability has the broadest possible reach.”

For more information and to learn how to send shirts back for recycling, you can visit the company website.