As if Tom Brady hasn’t accomplished enough, what with his decorated football career, multiple endorsements, and fashion line that was launched earlier this year, he’s gone and done something even more GOAT-like.

No, it’s not his flip-flopping between being retired and not being retired. This has to do with his clothing line. Shortly after he announced he’d indeed be returning to the Tampa Bay Bucs for an astounding 23rd season, the football sensation revealed that his BRADY brand has released a made-in-America collection. The roster includes a mix of sweatshirts, shorts, T-shirts, and more in four colors and seven styles. But the styles are anything but basic, in true Brady style.

For example, one fleece zip-up top is not only made of heavyweight fleece, it also features a BRADY logo embroidered front and center on the chest. The logo can also be found on a pair of shorts that feature a heavy fleece texture.

“Did I make it all myself with the sewing machine in the laundry room? Maybe … who’s to say?,” Brady joked on Instagram. “But seriously … these are heavyweight premium sweats made from the highest quality fleece and jersey materials and these have become my go to each morning when I’m on the way to the field to throw (or take Lua out or make waffles or any other Dad stuff).” While it’s hard to associate the quarterback with dad styles (usually paying homage to the infamous dad-bod), it’s not a surprise that he’s pushed into the world of fashion.

All items from the new collection are available exclusively on the company’s website.