Redwood Classics Apparel, an in-stock premium apparel line that is owned and operated by WS & Co. Ltd. out of Canada, and Preloved, and eco-friendly clothing company based in Toronto, have teamed up for a new collection. The Redwood Classics x Preloved Upcycled Pan Am Games Collection diverts textile waste from a landfill by upcycling it into new products.

After Toronto hosted the Pan Am Games in 2015, the city was left with hundreds of leftover street pole banners. When the opportunity arose to create something useful and beautiful out of the Pan Am banners, while celebrating the legacy of the Games for the city of Toronto, Redwood Classics and Preloved decided to take it. From the one-use-intended Pan Am banners, the companies created a complete collection of multi-use products.

“Upcycling is not just a trend,” said Kathy Cheng, president of Redwood Classics Apparel, in a press statement. “To us, it’s the only way the fashion industry can move forward. This collaboration with Preloved is the next step in our journey to creating a more sustainable fashion industry while directly impacting our local community by reducing plastic consumption.”

While this collaboration is similar to other Redwood Classics and Preloved collections when it comes to upcycling, this line goes one step further. Each piece in the Upcycled Pan Am Games Collection has been designed to help the user reduce their own environmental footprint with each use by helping cut down on the number of plastic or single-use bags. The collection includes:

  • Ellie Shopping Bag
  • Princes’ Gate Laundry Bag
  • Pachi Produce Bag Set

But that’s not all. Redwood Classics will be donating $1 from every item purchased to Kidsport, a national not-for-profit organization that provides grants to help cover sport registration and equipment costs so that all kids aged 18 and under can participate in a sports season.

“There are so many benefits, both mental and physical, to participating in sports,” said Julia Grieve, founder and CEO of Preloved, in a statement. “Affordability should not be a barrier to participating in organized sports, so we knew that this collection should help to give back to kids in our community to build on the legacy of the Pan Am Games.”

The Upcycled Pan Am Games Collection is currently available for purchase.