Kornit Digital recently introduced the Atlas MAX Poly system, a direct-to-garment (DTG) solution that delivers digital decoration on polyester and poly-blended apparel.

The machine was unveiled during Kornit’s fashion week held in Tel Aviv the first week of April. There was a dedicated demo on the Atlas MAX Poly that demonstrated the capabilities of the product while printing live in front of the guests, says Sharon Donovich, marketing director, global events and customer success.

DTG is known to have better results with cotton, with polyester typically proving a challenge for the technology. “The new Atlas MAX Poly is powered by our innovative MAX technology, which was developed to overcome all major polyester production challenges,” says Donovich. “There is still a pre-treatment process, but in the case of the Atlas MAX Poly and in order to reduces dye migration in colored polyester, we use additional consumables like the new and proprietary PG and Q.fix, which eliminates post-dryer cracking and ghosting, while the poly enhancer brings great hand feel. This process helps with retaining high durability after five washes at 104 F.”

According to a press release from Kornit, the solution is compatible with mesh and plain fabrics, including brushed polyester, while maintaining durability and breathability. For best results, Donovich recommends that cotton printing and polyester printing be done on separate machines. “It is always challenging when it comes to educating the market and changing the industry,” she adds. “It takes time, plus product maturity was lower and fabric range is more limited.”

The Atlas MAX Poly has been deployed across four global beta customer sites with expected availability in the second quarter of 2022.