Threadfast Apparel announces the launch of its second annual Earth Month promotion in collaboration with its exclusive distribution partner alphabroder.

Threadfast is bringing back the Earth Pack promotion to celebrate Earth Month. According to Katy Mendoza, creative director at Threadfast, all the styles in the pack follow the best sustainability standards available by using recycled polyester, sustainably sourced cotton, and cationic cotton technology in their respective blends.

The pack contains four of Threadfast’s signature styles:

  • The Ultimate Tee (100A)
  • The Triblend Tee (102A)
  • The Ultimate Fleece Pullover (320H)
  • The Unisex Denim Jacket (370J)

“In 2021, we launched this campaign for only 12 days of the month of April,” says Mendoza. “It was extremely well received by promotional products and imprintable industry customers.” This year, the promo is active exclusively for the entire month of April, and all styles are being sold for $20.22. “The goal of the bundle is for customers to try the styles of the sample pack themselves, knowing the sustainability story behind it but ultimately fall in love because of the high quality and amazing fit and feel,” adds Mendoza.

Additionally, Threadfast is planting one tree for every Earth Pack purchased. They are doing so through the One Tree Planted Organization, which allows individuals and organizations to participate in reforestation initiatives all over the world. Last year, 46,121 trees were planted as part of the program.