Did you know there is a record for most T-shirts worn for a half marathon? There is, and it was recently broken by David Eliuk at Edmonton’s Hypothermic Half Marathon on Feb. 20.

Eliuk wore 90 T-shirts on his body for the 13.1-mile race, shattering the previous record of 76, according to a report on Canadian Running. And if that wasn’t enough, he also laid down a respectable time of 2:37:54, though when it comes to T-shirt wearing records, time does not matter as long as the course is completed.

While most distance runners focus solely on training for an event wearing one shirt, Eliuk took that one step further during his training, stating that for the four months leading up to the event he added 12 more shirts to his training runs every two weeks. “I knew I had to adapt to the change in weight and mobility,” Eliuk said in the report. “The shirts limited the mobility of my upper body, which forced me to hunch forward more than my normal running posture.”

Fortunately for him, he is no newbie to distance running, having competed in the Boston Marathon in 2018 and several Ironman triathlons. Despite that, Eliuk said that this was still a challenge for him, specifically with circulation in his left arm early in the race. So, it’s no wonder the question of ‘why’ was asked, to which he responded, “I just wanted to make people laugh and smile.”

“If wearing 90 T-shirts made someone’s day better, then I’ve achieved my goal,” Eliuk added. “And hopefully, that record stands for a long time.”