This spring and summer, it’s all about individualism. Consumers want to wear free-spirited, bold colors that show off their personalities, but also express playful creativity, liberation, spontaneity, and joy. At the same time, we’re also gravitating toward airy, balancing pastels and neutral hues that connect us to nature and what’s familiar and comforting in the world around us.

“Our use of color is connected to the cultural mood,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in a press release about Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report for spring 2022. “As we explore a new future, we’re looking for opportunities to do something completely different. Colors that celebrate our desire to break the boundaries satisfy our fervent need for the playful creativity and unconstrained visual expression we’re seeking as we enter into this time.”

Drawing some inspiration from the runways, fashion blogs, and social media influencers, here’s a list of some of the top colors we’ll be seeing everywhere (and wearing) as the weather gets warmer.


Pair lime green with black, white, or nude. (Style: Columbia 128606) | Credit: S&S Activewear


You might have noticed that sage green was a popular hue last year. This year, green morphs into the bolder, more joyful shade of lime green. Look no further than collections from Prabal Gurung, Christian Siriano, L’AGENCE, and Cinq a Sept for get-noticed mini dresses, pant suits, and tea-length gowns in this ready-to-party shade. Pair this hue with black, white, or nude.

Whether you show your clients this shade in a T-shirt, hat, or bag, it’ll add an undeniable uplifting feel to any look. Pantone’s version of this shade is Fragile Sprout, a “sharp and acidic, visually arresting” hue.


Some designers are swapping out the little black dress or suit for dressed-up looks in Kelly green. (Style: Champion S101) | Credit: S&S Activewear


Another bold green, Kelly is rich and playful. Some designers are swapping out the little black dress or suit for dressed-up looks in this hue. BMUET(TE), Yuhan Wang, and Supriya Lee did just that at London Fashion Week, showing that grown-up wear can be upbeat and fun. Like our other bright shades, depending on your client, show a head-to-toe look in Kelly green, or piece it out with a hat, T-shirt, hoodie, bag, or even socks.


A saturated yellow hue replaces last season’s buttery pale yellow. (Style: Paragon 500) | Credit: S&S Activewear


Since this season’s colors are all about sunny days, a saturated yellow hue replaces last season’s buttery pale yellow. The yellow of 2022 is that classic (almost neon) sunshine yellow that makes us all smile. Sergio Hudson sent yellow suiting down the runways, and Rodarte wowed us with a beaded fringe frock. Pantone’s version of this shade is Popcorn, a bright and cheery yellow hue that “radiates warmth to all who embrace it.”
If your clients want a toned-down version of this hue, you’ll also see a buttery or daisy yellow hitting retail stores (imagine the flowers under a bright sunny sky).


Blue is a great complementary color to pair with this sunset shade. (Style Richardson 935) | Credit: S&S Activewear


Remember a season or two ago when streetwear designers debuted tracksuits in head-to-toe neutrals? Now, designers like Proenza Schouler and Collina Strada are sending head-to-toe bright orange looks down the catwalks. While your clients probably won’t want to do the head-to-toe look, this is your opportunity to show off a few select pieces, so they can add a head-turning hue to their merch or apparel collections. Blue is a great complementary color to pair with this gorgeous sunset shade.


Nude and neutral hues are key to spring/summer 2022 to balance out these bold brights. Plus, these calming, earthy hues also get a boost when you pair or color block them with bright yellows, oranges, and greens. One color to watch is Pantone’s Sudan Brown, a “naturally rich earth-baked brown tied to the great outdoors.” You’ll also like Coffee Quartz, a “flavorful brown that touches on both the basic and the glamorous.”


You can wear these looks on the street and even at the office. Show your more adventurous clients these styles and match their logo to the print color for a tone-on-tone look, or try using contrasting and complementary colors to make their brand really pop. Suggest embroidering or printing a logo in one of these bright shades on a toned-down version of the color in a shirt or hat.

“Colors for spring 2022 bring together our competing desires for comforting familiarity and joyful adventure through a range of soothing and timeless colors, along with joyous hues that celebrate playfulness,” Eiseman also said. “As we enter this new landscape, one where fashion rules no longer apply, hues for spring 2022 allow us to mix and marry as we please, encouraging the exploration of new chromatic realities, [and] opening the door for personalized style and spontaneous color statements.”

These bright shades are ones to watch and pitch to your clients, for the spring and summer 2022 season.