Just when you think you’ve worn it all, clothing made out of wood makes its debut. More specifically, we’re talking about a hoodie made of wood fibers. Together with the Finnish textile company Spinnova, adidas Terrex (adidas’ outdoor brand) has revealed the HS1, a hoodie that combines wood-based fibers with organic cotton.

In the past several years, adidas has made a massive push toward better environmental practices and sustainable gear, and this latest collaboration is just another step in its efforts. The brand has worked with a variety of materials as well as other companies and organizations to forward this effort.

While this latest collaboration might bring to mind the image of a stiff, heavy sweatshirt, the company ensures “there is no compromise on style or performance.” According to the adidas website, a minimum of 25% of the fabric comes from wood-based fibers that are mechanically grinded to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Without using any dying or bleaching chemicals, the HS1 also uses less water than the standard dyeing process. It is part of adidas’ mission to create nine out of 10 articles with a more sustainable technology, materials, design, or manufacturing method by 2025.

“Adidas’ commitment to sustainability is longstanding,” said Carla Murphy, general manager of adidas TERREX, in a press release. “Progress is about learning and constantly moving forward — and for adidas this also means partnering to innovate in new areas. At Terrex, we are on a journey to drive greater sustainability of our technical apparel, and we’re constantly looking to find new ways to help end plastic waste. Working with Spinnova is another step on this journey.”