Raspberry Creek Fabrics, an e-commerce store focused on women’s and children’s apparel fabrics, announces it has received a patent for its web-to-print automation software.

The brand prints digitally, on demand, using pigment and dye-sublimation printers. Fulfilling orders meant processing individual files through color management one by one, then print operators had to manually resize those orders at the printer workstation. Automation was the answer, yet finding the right software was the problem.

Raspberry Creek’s solution was to come up with its own automation software that could process the smallest file size possible, then capture the output and modify the sizing data to match the customer’s order size. The printer workstation reads modified xml code and creates the correct size on the fly using step and repeat functions. All orders are pre-RIPed and waiting in the cloud for printing right after the order. Each is printed with a logo, customer name, and order number for quick fulfillment. Print operators select a fabric type to print, and all of the jobs roll into hot queues without any manual intervention.

According to the company, this software allows Raspberry Creek to host unlimited images on its website for digital, on-demand printing. The system can accept orders from any sales channel, and all of the orders process automatically.

Learn more by contacting Justin Rammell at justin@raspberrycreekfabrics.com.

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