Culture Studio, a full-package merchandise company that serves the music and entertainment industry in retail, tour, and e-commerce sales, is on a mission, one to deliver two-day ground shipping anywhere in the U.S. This mission is focused on quicker turnarounds for the touring industry where artists often make last-minute schedule changes and add stops.

In order to achieve that goal, Culture Studio invested in its proprietary technology, Stokkup, which offers capacity planning, order management, shipping, and reporting in a single operating system. The company has also made moves toward achieving its goals through physical growth, recently closing on the purchase of a 75,000-square-foot production factory in Daytona Beach.

“It’s definitely crazy and surreal that it’s finally happening,” says Carlo Oviedo, chief revenue officer at Culture Studio. “It’s been part of a vision to [have] two-day ground shipping to anywhere in North America for a while.”


Image courtesy of Culture Studio

Oviedo notes that, at the time of writing, they were already moving equipment into the facility and working on physical updates such as adding more power. While things are now moving extremely quickly, he notes that the business encountered several roadblocks before it got to this moment.

“It’s been challenging, all these roadblocks,” he says. First, it was how to even find such an enormous space in a weird and upside-down market. “Then when you do find it, some massive company sweeps in and scoops it out from under you,” Oviedo states. “We put in multiple offers. We finally landed on this one, then more obstacles, [like] hurricane insurance. What is that, you know?”

Still, they persisted. And now they are in an ideal location, just two blocks from the Daytona Speedway. “They’re investing to make it more of a concert venue,” Oviedo says, and since the entertainment industry is its niche, this only serves to benefit the company. But the good news doesn’t stop there.

“We’ve had such a great welcoming from Daytona,” he says. “We’re hiring people and we’re going to bring our cool culture to an area that’s looking for it.” Oviedo hopes to be up and running as soon as possible, with concerts already scheduled at the Speedway in May.

To anyone out there in a similar position, Oviedo offers a few words of encouragement: “Everyone wants to grow, but are you ready for the obstacles that come, the hidden ones that aren’t in the book? You can do it, we’re doing it.”

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