In the world of mergers and acquisitions, the big news coming from the apparel industry recently is the announcement that InkSoft and Printavo were acquired by Blue Star Innovation Partners and PSG. Terms of the acquisition are not being shared at the time of writing.

According to JP Hunt, co-founder and president of InkSoft, an e-commerce platform for print, promo, and decorated apparel businesses, the company began collaborating with its new partners in August 2021, with a formalized commitment coming in early December 2021. “We will be focused on growing our teams to deliver more value to our customers via new features and enhancements,” he says. “We describe our growth plans as putting fuel on the fire.”

“I’m thrilled to work with Bruce Ackerman and the entire Printavo team actively,” adds Hunt. “We see so much more value in working together toward our common goals and missions versus competing.” Both he and Ackerman, founder of Printavo, a print management software, attribute the resources and direction offered by the acquisition as factors helping spur these initiatives.

Some of those initiatives are already in play, with Ackerman saying that Printavo currently has job postings listed on its site. “We’re adding new embedded payment functionality across the platform, [there’s a] new mobile app coming, a new production scheduler, and mock-up creator to help people quote faster,” he adds. “It’s already moving and shaking.”

“Our partners’ investment resources and strategic guidance provide the tools needed to grow faster and serve our customers even better,” continues Hunt. “We are actively recruiting to continue to grow our teams.”

Neither company anticipates significant internal changes in the near future. “The team’s fired up, we’re not going anywhere and looking forward to what’s next,” says Ackerman.