SanMar Corporation has joined Vice President Kamala Harris’ Call to Action initiative, a multi-industry effort that has announced new commitments of $1.7 billion in new private-sector investments in Central America.

As part of the Call to Action launch, which took place in 2021, 12 companies and organizations announced commitments to support inclusive economic development in the Northern Triangle, including Accion, Bancolombia, Chobani, Davivienda, Duolingo, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Mastercard, Microsoft, Nespresso, Pro Mujer, the Tent Partnership for Refugees, and the World Economic Forum. It was created for businesses and social enterprises to make major commitments to promote economic opportunity for people in Central America as part of the current administration’s Strategy to Address the Root Causes of Migration.

The announcement from the vice president builds on 2021’s foundation of more than $1.9 billion in private-sector commitments, bringing total investments for Call to Action to $3.2 billion. The initiative will be deployed to build greater opportunities and support better livelihoods for the people in this region, with a focus on enhancing employment opportunities for women.

“We are honored to join Vice President Harris’ Call to Action initiative,” said Jeremy Lott, CEO of SanMar, in a press release. “We are thrilled to invest alongside like-minded partners and smart policymakers to grow our commitment to make a positive impact in the communities where we do business.”

As part of the initiative, SanMar will increase its purchases of products manufactured in northern Central America by $500 million by 2025, according to a White House briefing release. These purchases will support the supply of products to SanMar’s over 60,000 customers. The increased capacity required for this growth will lead to the creation of 4,000 additional full-time jobs at Elcatex, a Honduras-based apparel manufacturer partly owned by the company.

“SanMar’s dedication to our communities doesn’t stop at the border,” said Melissa Nelson, general counsel at SanMar. “When we invest in Central America, we invest in a cycle that benefits everyone, bringing much-needed employment and economic growth that elevates lives across the region.”